children's Director

General Job Description

The Children’s Pastor is responsible for all aspects of ensuring the spiritual growth and development of children ages birth through 5th grade. This includes curriculum selection, volunteer recruitment and development, classroom management, and operational management necessary to ensure successful and constantly improving weekend children’s services and periodic special events.


Sunday Morning

  •  Engaging curriculum that shares God’s Word in relevant and practical ways

  •  Develop kids to serve and follow Jesus

  •  Special events –Christmas, Mother’s & Father’s Day, etc.


  • Relational: Challenge kids on Sunday morning to find a way to apply God’s work into their lives for upcoming week.

  • Missional: twice a year, make a difference for other kids in our City

Strengthen Families

  • Provide Parent engagement with School age kids

  • Provide additional family connect ideas. ie: Advent, Easter, Summer, Fall


Children’s Director Responsibilities

  •  Attend staff meetings and be familiar with what is happening at the church

  •  Communicate and work with Lead Pastors on a weekly basis

  •  Coordinate and recruit Volunteers and develop leaders

  •  Plan and prepare curriculum to teach on Sunday’s for HUB kids service


Ministry Leaders are an extension of the Pastor. We believe that God has given each Ministry Leader a team to lead and develop.


Multiply Leaders Who Invest In Multiplying Leaders

As you minister to your team, you are teaching them how to minister to others, how to invite, how to invest, all in a way that is real and authentic as each leader lives out their ministry role in their own personality and style. The end goal is that people are investing in others who are investing in others, so that all are living out the purpose God has designed us for.

(Making disciples who make disciples - Matthew 28:19-20)

Education and Experience

This position requires teachability and a desire to learn. Preferred experience working with kids in a teacher/leadership capacity. The successful individual will be a strong leader with a solid work ethic, possess a passion for teaching children about God, and have the ability to administrate as a sole lead in this ministry. A working knowledge of creative programming related to children's classes and special events is a real plus. The ability and desire to recruit train and equip others is an absolute must.

Job Structure

This position is part-time with an expectation of 5-10 hours per week commitment and other opportunities to serve and grow. This is a compensated position with many opportunities to grow as the ministry and church grows.

Annual Salary: Must Inquire within